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Ausangate Mountain, Peru, with UW Biology and PoE: August 2011

The following posts are re-blogged from my student, Christine Ren.  UW student groups have been privileged to visit and stay with our friend Victor Yana and his family since 2009. I got to know Victor in 2008 on my first trip to Peru. Every year we are overwhelmed by Victor’s hospitality and humbled by the skill with which his family subsists in the extreme environment of Ausangate Mountain. With each year, I am also fascinated to find species of birds and plants I have not seen before. This is an area that is relatively unexplored from the perspective of modern biology. With each year, however, I am also surprised to see more development and modernity on the slopes of the mountain, coinciding with the completion several years ago of the InterOceanica Highway which crosses the lower flanks of the mountain on its way from Brazil to the coast of Peru. Thanks, Christine for this awesome day-by-day write-up of our experience.


Tinqui [August 21, 2011 – Saturday]

Camino Kuchucanch [August 22, 2011 – Sunday]

Victor’s Alpaca Farm [August 23, 2011 – Tuesday]

Singrenacocha [August 24, 2011 – Wednesday]

15,771 ft. [August 25, 2012 – Thursday]

Last Day on Ausangate [August 26, 2011 – Friday]