Back from the Olympic Mountains

Check out the student blog ( from our 9-day course in Olympic National Park this summer. As always, I’m inspired to work with students who take learning seriously, think deeply, and push me to do the same. We were also honored this year to have Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior under President Obama, and now CEO of the Nature Conservancy, join us again as a guest instructor. To call her stories, wisdom, and service to our country “inspiring” would be an understatement. We are forever grateful she was able to take the time away from her many other responsibilities to join us. And lastly, I am grateful to my TA, Katie Keil, for 3 years of steadfast support and co-leadership on this course. She is graduating, and off to new adventures in the realm of resource management and conservation. We wish her the best!

Many days of challenging weather couldn’t get this group down. It only fueled the passion.

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